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Did Roger Clemens Use Steroids?

There have been rumors the past few days that Roger Clemens waiting two months into the MLB season to sign with a team wasn't as plain as it seemed. After a report suggested that Clemens may have used steroids and been caught, a lot of evidence has been uncovered to support this. Several sportswriters have reported that Clemens may have used steroids, been caught, and requested that it be kept secret. Here's the evidence to support the theory of Clemens' steroid use.

First, when Clemens signed with the Houston Astros on May 31, it was exactly 50 games into the MLB season. The suspension for first-time steroids users is 50 games. Is this a strange coincidence, or did Clemens get suspended?

Consider the following…

Clemens has improved as he has gotten older; he has shown no signs of wearing down. The same can be said of Barry Bonds, who is assumed to have used steroids. Clemens has also shown signs of becoming bulkier and stronger. A look at the Clemens of the 1990's shows a different guy that a look at the Clemens of 2006. That much of a gain in bulk and strength is a strong indication that perhaps Clemens used steroids.

But the next piece of evidence is even stronger…

Clemens had a terrific 2005 season for the Astros, despite a poor final outing in the World Series. After this, if Clemens was in fact suspended, he would've stopped taking steroids. Before the World Baseball Classic, every player was tested for steroids, and everyone that participated was found clean. Clemens struggled in the World Baseball Classic, possibly the first time he pitched without steroids in over a season. He didn't seem to have the same caliber fastball, and his offspeed pitches were not the same. A sign perhaps that Clemens needs the steroids to pitch well.

Personally, I don't believe that Clemens used steroids, but it is a very interesting series of coincidental evidence. Alone, each of the three pieces of evidence means nothing, but together, it's a strong correlation to suggest that the Rocket's fuel wasn't natural. In my opinion, that's just what it is – a coincidence – but until it's proven either way, this will be a heavily debated topic in the world of baseball.


25 Responses to “Did Roger Clemens Use Steroids?”

  1. Love the blog. Keep up the great work!!!

  2. I find it hard to believe that you can dismiss all these facts as coincidence. Let’s see if Clemens sits out two months this year. Also, why does Ivan Rodriguez avoid scrutiny? He was implicated by Canseco, inexplicably dropped 30 pounds, and no longer produces power numbers. What’s the deal?

  3. I thank you for your comment.

  4. Don’t forget Roger’s ‘roid rage. That broken bat didn’t throw itself.

  5. You people are lunatics! The ROCKET has been a “not so thin” player since his days at Texas. And also, why can’t the guy have a couple of bad outings? You people are probably just pissed that the best pitcher of these last couple of decades hasn’t signed with any of your favorite teams.

  6. Clemens is a cheating steroid user, it will come out.

  7. looks like there was more truth to this than first thought.

    great blog…

  8. Never used steroids? And Britney is pure.

  9. i dont care if he did… most of the mlb players do.. so i dont really see it as cheating more like staying level with competition.. i know thats ridiculous but i still love the rocket. yea it sucks that the players use that crap but oh well. its roger clemens man c’mon… dont hate.

  10. what a sad situation. i do believe he used steroids… and a lot of them. for clemens it is always “what is in it for me?” they better check the top of babe ruth’s memorial in momument park … probably covered with steroid gel from him rubbing it.

  11. Roger is a liar, liar, liar. He needs to admit to using HGH and cheating.

  12. I don’t believe Clemens used steroids. It does not make sense with his well known work ethic and off season routine. I am stockier now than 10 years ago without having changed much in my workout routine at all. That is a natural development over time.

  13. Anybody that believes that Clemens did not use perfomance enhacing drugs is living a fairy tale. Unfortunantly when steroids
    arrived on the scene (in the baseball world) in the mid 80’s it put pressure on the entire league to either take them and stay up with the competition or lose your job. This happens in high school, college, minor leagues, etc… Clemens is not fat but he is simply bloated. Bloat (water retention) comes from using steroids. I don’t blame Clemens for it one bit. Unfortunantly steroids and HGH are a big part of being an athlete these days from high school to the pro’s. I am scared for my son.

  14. When Bonds gets accused of steroid use, Bonds gets hate by the fans. When Clemens gets accused of steroid use, Clemens gets love by the fans.

    Both Bonds and Clemens are jerks in terms of personality but impressive on the stat sheet. Yes, Clemens gets a free pass because he is white. Bonds will go to jail for perjury where as Clemens will not even face any charges.

  15. if his test were negative then how could he still be on steroids

  16. So….here we are a year later….where is the proof people?…I’d say Roger listened for once in his life and shut his fool mouth. He was a great pitcher but put a mic in front of him and he turned into a mess.

  17. As a far-away (Netherlands) STL Cardinals fan, I am always looking for new sites with Cards news.
    I hope that Pujols stays healthy all season.

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