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Frustrated Royals Fans Get Something to Cheer About

Disappointed, frustrated, angry, dispirited; any of these words can be used to accurately describe Royals fans who are suffering through another dismal season by their team.  However, during Sunday's game against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, the fans had something to cheer about, and it wasn't a win (the Royals lost 8-2). 

In the top of the 2nd inning, the Royals turned a triple play, their first since 1996.  It was a bizarre and unique way of getting three outs, but it worked.  Here's how it happened…

  1. The batter Russell Branyan hit a shallow pop-fly to rightfield
  2. Rightfielder David DeJesus caught the ball (out #1), and threw the ball to home plate, trying to throw-out Aubrey Huff, who had tagged-up from third on the play
  3. DeJesus overthrew the plate, and the ball was caught by pitcher Scott Elarton, who was backing up the play
  4. Rocco Baldelli, the runner on 1st, then tried to take advantage of the mistake and advance to 2nd base.  He was thrown-out by Elarton (out #2)

At this time, the Royals were already getting a standing ovation for a terrific double play (despite allowing a run), but they weren't done yet.

   5.  Royals shortstop Angel Berroa (after catching the throw from Elarton to retire Baldelli), decided to appeal that Aubrey Huff (who scored on the sac-fly), left third base before the ball was caught by David DeJesus, and should therefore be out. 

  6.  Berroa threw the ball to third base, where umpire Bob Davidson ruled in the Royals favor and called Aubrey Huff out (out #3), thereby completing what may be the strangest triple play in MLB history.

Devil Rays Manager Joe Maddon and 3rd base coach Tom Foley immediately ran out to argue with umpire Bob Davidson, but it was to no avail, as replays clearly showed that Huff left shortly before the ball was caught, and Davidson had a perfect angle of the play. 

The fans were going ballistic; for once they had something to celebrate.  The Royals had done something right! 

Unfortunately, their celebration was short-lived, because the Devil Rays extended their 1-0 lead at the time the play happened to 5-0, before the Royals scored twice, and then the Rays added 3 more in the final 3 innings, to win 8-2. 

Still, for Royals fans, this provided some relief from watching their team play poorly in every aspect of the game, on the way to a 16-45 record, the worst in all of baseball.


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