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Mets are ON FIRE!

Winners of seven straight and nine of eleven, the New York Mets are by far the best team in Major League Baseball so far this season.  The question is, just how good are the Mets?  A closer look reveals that the Mets are SCARY good.

Starting with the hitting, the Mets have a solid lead-off hitter, a terrific punch in the heart of the order, and decent production from the bottom of the lineup. 

Jose Reyes (SS) is the leadoff hitter, and he’s hitting .261 with 6HRs and 31RBIs; but perhaps his most important statistic is 28 stolen bases.  He also sports a .333OBP. 

Paul Lo Duca (C) bats second, and he is batting .288 with 3HRs and 18RBIs, with 3 swiped bases and a .330OBP. 

Carlos Beltran (CF) is hitting .330 with 18HRs and 52RBIs, and an amazing 12SBs from a #3 hitter.  He also has a .412OBP.

Carlos Delgado (1B), batting .268 with 19HRs and 49RBIs has been spectacular the past week, batting .391.

David Wright (3B), just 23 years old, is hitting an amazing .336 with 13HRs and 47RBIs, combined with 10SBs

Jose Valentin (2B) is batting .276 with 5HRs and 21RBIs, but he has provided an important spark near the bottom of the lineup

Endy Chavez (RF), has replaced the struggling Cliff Floyd, and hit .296 with 1HR and 13RBIs, and 5SBs with a .336OBP.

Lastings Milledge (LF), called up a few weeks ago, has hit .255 with 2HRs and 11RBIs, but has been clutch when needed

The Mets lineup is quite possibly the best the MLB has seen in over a decade!

Moving to the starting pitching, the Mets are incredibly deep at this position as well. 

Pedro Martinez, the staff ace, is (6-2) with a 2.94ERA and is tied for 2nd in the MLB with 97K’s.

Tom Glavine has been resurrected at the age of 40 and he is tied for league lead in wins at (9-2) with a 3.31ERA and 65K’s

Steve Trachsel has been the weak-link of the staff, but has still be okay at (3-4) with a 4.70ERA and 36K’s

Newcomer Orlando “El Duque” Hernandez has improved greatly since coming back to NY going (4-5) with a 5.50ERA and 70K’s for the year, but much better for the Mets in his 3 starts.

Alay Soler is probably the league’s best 5th starter, and in his 4 starts, he’s (2-1) with a 3.33ERA and 15K’s

The Mets also have a potential replacement for the starting rotation in Aaron Heilman, should one of the players continue to struggle

The depth of the Mets starting rotation and the production from the back of it is the best in the NL, and in the top-3 in the MLB.

The Mets bullpen has been very good at holding leads and giving the Mets a chance when they’re behind.

Closer Billy Wagner, after a shaky start, is (3-0) with a 2.27ERA, 13/16 saves, and 39K’s

Duaner Sanchez has been a solid set-up man, going (4-0) with a 2.63ERA and 27K’s

Sidewinder Chad Bradford is (3-2) with a 3.32ERA, recording 1 save, and K’ing 17

Pedro Feliciano, another sidewider, is (1-2) with a 1.50ERA  and 24K’s in 24 innings

Darren Oliver is (3-0) with a 2.86ERA and has been a terrific long-reliever

Heath Bell has gone (0-0) with a 3.00ERA and 13K’s

Aaron Heilman is (0-1) with a 4.11ERA and 29K’s; Heilman has been the weakest link in the Mets ‘pen, but his numbers are still decent

The effectiveness of each and every reliever in the Mets bullpen is unmatched in Major League Baseball

Their amazing efficiency in each and every aspect of baseball is what’s given the Mets their huge NL East lead.  The power in the middle-of-the-order from Carlos Beltran, Carlos Delgado, and David Wright; the depth of the starting rotation led by Pedro Martinez and Tom Glavine; the effectiveness of the relief corps headed by Billy Wagner and Duaner Sanchez can be found on no other MLB roster.

Many cheers for GM Omar Minaya for putting together the best team in the MLB and making the Mets a legitimate World Series contender.


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