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Blue Jays Outfield Best in Awhile

The Blue Jays have had their woes with injuries and offensive troubles, but one aspect of their team has made Toronto a contender.  That aspect is the Blue Jays outfield, which has been nothing short of spectacular at the plate and very good on defense.  It is also one of the league's youngest outfields, which means the Blue Jays will be good for awhile.

The four Toronto outfielders are Vernon Wells, Alex Rios, Reed Johnson, and Frank Catalanotto.  Here are the statistics for each…

  • Vernon Wells — .322average 20homeruns 62RBI 9stolen-bases a .388OBP and a .622SLG
  • Alex Rios — .323average 15homeruns 51RBI 9stolen-bases a .376OBP and a .583SLG
  • Reed Johnson — .374average 4homeruns 16RBI 6stolen-bases a .460OBP and a .528SLG
  • Frank Catalanotto — .326average 5homeruns 34RBI 0stolen-bases a .430OBP and a .508SLG

Your jaw should've dropped in awe of the offensive statistics the Blue Jays outfielders have compiled.  Each outfielder is batting over .300, each of the starters (Rios, Johnson, Wells) have at least a .375OBP and at least a .528SLB and at least 6SB's.  Two of the starters have over 15HR and 50RBI.  Those stats aren't just great, they are the best of all-time, as no outfield has ever put together a 1/2 season of that quality. 

The surprising thing is that the Blue Jays outfield isn't spoken about much.  None of the major sports shows (Sportscenter, Baseball Tonight), or sports websites (ESPN, FoxSports, CBS Sportsline) have mentioned anything about Toronto's outfielders, so very few people outside of the Rogers Centre diehards and Fantasy Baseball addicts know much about Alex Rios, Vernon Wells, and Reed Johnson.  And it's a shame, because the first half of the season that these three have put together is quite possibly, the best half-season by an outfield EVER!  Rios, Wells, and Johnson are easily deserving of playing left-, center-, and right-field respectively in the All-Star game for the American League, but as it stands right now, NONE of the three will play.

Keep an eye on these three rising stars because they are the guys that will lift Toronto to the AL East crown next year (if not this year) and shock Red Sox Nation and Yankee fans everywhere.


One Response to “Blue Jays Outfield Best in Awhile”

  1. It’s interesting that you mention this, because I had not in fact seen it on any other site and the numbers are incredible.

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