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Yankees Obliterated by Indians on Independence Day

The United States of America is celebrating the 230th anniversary of our independence from England today, and no team in the baseball world is celebrating better than the Cleveland Indians and their fans at Jacobs Field. 

The Indians’ Independence Day match-up was against the New York Yankees (hmmm…the American Yankees fighting the native Indians again…), who they had defeated yesterday. 

In the first, the Yankees scored an unearned run to lead 1-0 after the top of the inning, but the Tribe countered with four of its own runs against struggling Yankees’ starter Shawn Chacon, on homeruns by Jhonny Peralta and Victor Martinez.  The Yankees went down quickly in the second, but the Indians would shell Chacon for three more runs on a Travis Hafner blast to lead 7-1 after two innings.  The third and fourth innings were quick for both sides, but the fifth would be a huge inning for Cleveland.  Already leading 7-1, the Indians demolished every pitch they saw from Yankees’ relievers TJ Beam and Mike Myers, who allowed 9 runs in the inning, on 9 hits (2 homeruns by Jhonny Peralta and Ronnie Belliard), 2 walks, and an error by catcher Jorge Posada.  The 5th was an offensive explosion for the Indians, with 5 of the 9 hits going for extra-bases, and eight of the nine hitters in Cleveland’s batting order getting on base in the inning.  After five, the Indians were cruising with a 16-1 lead, ready to go back to the hotel for some good fried chicken and fireworks. 

There were still four innings left to play (3 and a half to be precise, because the Bottom of the 9th wouldn’t be necessary since Cleveland was winning).  The Yankees would not add any runs in the final four frames.  The Indians would score three (one in the 6th and two in the 7th), with a solo homerun in the 6th by Travis Hafner, his 2nd of the game.  At the end of 3 hours and 10 minutes, every second of which the Yankees had to suffer through, the Indians had defeated the Yankees 19-1; the largest margin that a game had been decided by on Independence Day. 

And it’s quite ironic that it’s the Yankees who got defeated by the Indians on the anniversary of the greatest day in our history, because in the past, it had always been the other way around.


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