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Hillenbrand a Giant Acquisition for SF

For quite a while now, the San Francisco Giants have been looking for another power-hitter to go along with Barry Bonds and Moises Alou.  More recently, the Giants have been on the hunt for an everyday first-baseman, now that Lance Niekro’s injury woes and defensive issues seem to be long-term, and Mark Sweeney just doesn’t cut it as a starting 1B.  The Giants’ latest acquisition fills both those needs in a Giant way — and, they got him cheap!

Shea Hillenbrand was hitting .301 with 12HR and 38RBI for the Blue Jays this season before he was involved in a rift between several Blue Jays players and Manager John Gibbons.  Hillenbrand was upset at Gibbons and said the Blue Jays clubhouse is a mess; as a result, the Jays designated him for assignment.  With no intention of sending Hillenbrand to the minor leagues, the Jays had to trade him, or he’d be on waivers.  The Giants were very interested, especially after Hillenbrand’s former teammate and current Giants outfielder Steve Finley told Manager Felipe Alou that he’d be a great addition — and he is.

The Giants have won their past five games and are finally looking like a playoff contender for the first time in a few seasons.  If Hillenbrand can continue his solid hitting, the Giants are a good bet to win the NL West.  Before acquiring Shea Hillenbrand, the Giants had a good chance of winning the NL West, but had little hope of going anywhere in the playoffs.  With Hillenbrand on board, the Giants are more likely to make the playoffs and go past the NLDS for the first time since losing the World Series in 2001. 

Finally, not only did the Giants get Hillenbrand, but they got him and Vinnie Chulk for reliever Jeremy Accardo.  Accardo has good stuff for a young reliever, but he has yet to have a consistent stint for the Giants, and has been bouncing back and forth between SF and AAA Fresno.  Getting a solid veteran hitter (Hillenbrand) and a throw-in (Chulk) for an unproven young reliever is a great deal. 

Kudos to the Giants and GM Brian Sabean on this one.


One Response to “Hillenbrand a Giant Acquisition for SF”

  1. Losing Hillenbrand will hurt the Jays. He was their most experienced, versatile, clutch hitter, and the success of Vernon Wells and Alex Rios can be attributed to him.

    If the Jays fall back in the AL East, they can point the finger at losing Hillenbrand.

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