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Brewers Add David Bell to Help Oft-Injured Infield

In a deal that helps the Brewers fill a temporary, injury-created hole at third base, Milwaukee acquired 3B David Bell from the Philadelphia Phillies.  Going to the Phillies was minor league pitcher Wilfrido Laureano, who is not much of a prospect since he has spent more than 4 seasons at the class-A level. 

David Bell The Brewers acquired 3B David Bell

                      The Phillies acquired P Wilfrido Laureano (minor league — A)

While the deal is likely a “rental”, because David Bell is a free agent at the end of the year, it does help the Brewers, because it allows them to move Jeff Cirillo back to the bench, where he is most valuable, and to start David Bell at third base everday.  Cirillo, Milwaukee’s regular utility man, had been playing third base since the injury to Corey Koskie, but he is much more valuable to the Brewers off the bench.  Bell is a good defensive 3rd-baseman and he has an okay bat.  Expect him to hit around .270 with 6HR and 30RBI the rest of the season. 

On the Phillies side, they didn’t get much of anything for their regular third-baseman.  Wilfrido Laureano might make a major league impact at some point, but if he spends four years at each minor league level, he won’t reach Philadelphia until he’s around 38 years old. 

Bottom Line:  a good pickup by Milwaukee GM Doug Melvin, and the Brewers are the clear short-term winners in this trade.  This deal shouldn’t have much of an impact beyond 2006, unless the Brewers sign David Bell to an extension.


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