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Jered Weaver Succumbs to Red Sox … Again


Jered Weaver would be flawless if it weren’t for David Ortiz’s Red Sox

If there’s one person and one team that Angels’ rookie pitcher Jered Weaver despises right now, it’s David Ortiz and the Boston Red Sox.  After his first 7 starts, the rookie phenom had a flawless 7-0 record with a spectacular 1.15ERA, and seemed unbeatable.  On the other hand, Weaver had yet to face a team with a powerful lineup; the seven victories were against Baltimore, Cleveland, Tampa Bay, Kansas City (twice), Seattle, and Oakland.  And don’t get me wrong, I think starting off your career 7-0 is remarkable, but Weaver benefited from facing weak opponents in his first seven starts. 

Then came Jered Weaver’s first “real” test — facing the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park.  Weaver pitched very well, scattering 3 runs on 7 hits in 6.2 innings, but he would not get the victory.  The Halos’ bullpen faltered, allowing the Red Sox to tie the game in the late-innings, and then win on an RBI single by (who else?) David Ortiz.  This was Jered Weaver’s first taste at not being victorious in a start, and it appeared to hit hard. 

Jered Weaver’s next two outings, against the Rangers and Indians, were not nearly of the caliber that his first 7 starts were.  Weaver would earn two more no-decisions in those starts, to maintain his flawless 7-0 record.  After tinkering with a new pitch and a slightly altered delivery, Jered Weaver bounced back to win his next two starts against the Mariners and Yankees, to push his record to 9-0, and tie Whitey Ford for the rookie record for most wins before his first loss, and he knew he had a chance to make history in his next start.  The problem was, Weaver’s opponent would be the team that ended his consecutive wins streak, the Boston Red Sox. 

Jered Weaver again pitched brilliantly against the Boston Red Sox, but there was one hitter he could not baffle, and that was David Ortiz.  The lone run that Jered Weaver allowed in 6 innings of otherwise excellent work, was on Big Papi’s 46th homerun of the season, in the 4th inning.  After Weaver exited, the Angels’ bullpen faltered again, with Brendan Donnelly allowing the Red Sox one more run in the 7th.  That run was scored on three singles, and that run was also the one that sealed the deal for the BoSox.  The Angels countered with a run in the bottom of the 7th, but that was all they would get.  Despite the fact that Weaver did not allow the winning run, he was sent to his first loss, finally putting a small dent in his record, which now stands at 9-1.  Once again, Weaver’s only problem was David Ortiz, who reached base in each of his 3 plate appearances against Jered, on a 1st inning walk, 4th inning homerun, and 6th inning single.  He did not deserve to take the loss in this game, but the Halos’ offense was silenced by the suddenly effective Josh Beckett. 

Beckett pitched 6 spectacular innings himself, throwing just 70 pitches, but exiting with the most minor of injuries.  The ailment was a cut on Beckett’s middle-finger, not an especially deep one, but one that the Red Sox medical staff and Beckett felt could hamper his performance.  The bullpen almost let Beckett down, but Mike Timlin escaped a nasty 2nd-and-3rd with 1-out situation in the 7th, and combined with closer Jonathan Papelbon, shut-down the Angels in the 8th and 9th.  This was perhaps Beckett’s best outing of the season, and he seems to have recovered from a downright ugly stretch, that was capped by the massacre the Yankees’ bats put him through.  That’s good news for the Red Sox, who will badly need him to pitch well, if they are to make the playoffs. 

Three things were frighteningly similar about Jered Weaver’s two outings against the Red Sox.  First, two potentially record-setting streaks were broken for rookie Jered Weaver.  Second, the Red Sox starting pitcher in both of those games was Josh Beckett.  And last, but definitely not least, David Ortiz did very well in both of those games.  So perhaps the only combination that can prevent Weaver from winning is Josh Beckett pitching and David Ortiz hitting.  We won’t know, until the rookie phenom loses again. 


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