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Royal Spoilers


They won’t be playing in October, but Emil Brown and the Royals could have a major impact on who will.

Nobody predicted the Royals would go far this season; in fact, if you asked anyone if they thought the Royals would win the World Series in 2006, they were quite likely to recommend a psychiatrist.  The bottomfeeders in a division that features powerhouses such as the Chicago White Sox, Detroit Tigers, and Minnesota Twins, Kansas City’s team has one role in this year’s stretch run toward the postseason — to be a Royal pain for borderline contenders trying to make-or-break their playoff hopes. 

And the Royals are more than capable of having a major impact on the AL playoff picture this season.  They have 33 games remaining this season, and 27 of those come against teams with legitimate playoff hopes.  The 27 games break down in the following way…

  • Toronto Blue Jays — 3 games
  • Minnesota Twins — 7 games
  • Chicago White Sox — 3 games
  • New York Yankees — 3 games
  • Boston Red Sox — 3 games
  • Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim — 2 games
  • Detroit Tigers — 6 games

The Royals, in other words, have 27 chances to spoil the 2006 season for 7 teams.  In fact, there’s only one American League team with a legitimate shot at making the playoffs that doesn’t face Kansas City any more this season, and that’s the Oakland Athletics. 

Generally, facing the Royals in the final weeks of the season is seen as a boost to a borderline playoff contender, because Kansas City is arguably the worst team in the league.  The Royals however, are very good when it comes to spoiling playoff chances for their opponents.  In just the past couple of weeks, the Royals have dashed the playoff hopes of the Boston Red Sox, by sweeping them at Kauffman Stadium, and have reduced the A’s AL West lead by 2 games, by taking both ends of a doubleheader last Friday. 

Two teams have already suffered the Royals’ spoiling power, and six others could have their playoff hopes dented by the Royal Spolers, in the coming weeks. 


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