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Ailing Ortiz Makes BoSox Fans Forget Collapse


BoSox fans wish Big Papi a quick recovery and can’t wait for him to come back slugging

The Red Sox are in freefall.  They’ve lost their last 4 games, and have dropped 10 of 12, including the 5-game Boston Massacre.  The team is also missing about half of it’s Opening Day starters.  They can’t pitch, they can’t hit, and the defense is taking a downturn as well.  None of that matters to Red Sox fans right now however, because David Ortiz is ailing. 

Big Papi was sent back to Boston after experiencing an irregular heartbeat for the 2nd time in 10 days.  Ortiz checked himself into Massachusetts General Hospital for tests earlier today, and is expected to remain hospitalized until tomorrow evening.  Doctors believe that the reason for Papi’s heart palpitations is stress and fatigue, but the Red Sox, as any team would, are playing it safe with their star slugger.  Manager Terry Francona says Papi could be hitting again by Thursday or Friday, but he’s got to prove that he is, in his words, “a healthy son of a [gun]”.  

Meanwhile, Papi’s teammates are playing with a ton of weight on their shoulders.  One of Ortiz’s closest friends on the Red Sox, Mark Loretta, has been in contact with Papi and says that he is doing “fine”.  He also says that “baseball kind of takes a back seat when you’re [dealing] with things of this nature”.  Loretta’s mom went through arrhythmia, so he is knowledgeable on the subject, and he has been advising Ortiz on how to deal with the ailment.  The second-baseman also says that Papi is “in good hands with [the doctors] at Harvard and Massachusetts General hospitals”.  Pitcher Curt Schilling added that “I don’t know [why Ortiz has an irregular heartbeat] … I just know how I want it to end up”.  The same is true of every Red Sox fan. 

No one in Boston is concerned with the Red Sox struggles.  Everyone’s thoughts are with David Ortiz, praying that he recovers quickly.  That just goes to show you how much Big Papi means to the Red Sox and their fans.  I join them in saying, GET WELL PAPI!


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