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Marlins Rookie Says “No-No”


Anibal Sanchez slithered through the Snakes without allowing a hit

For the first time since Randy Johnson’s perfect game in 2004, an MLB pitcher has thrown a no-hitter.  Many fans were wondering when a pitcher would finally break the 2.5 year drought — they all knew it would happen eventually — but few of them could’ve predicted that it would be done by a rookie. 

No accomplishment by a Marlins rookie this season has been as great as what Anibal Sanchez did in his 13th career start today.  There’s Josh Johnson who leads the MLB in ERA, there’s Hanley Ramirez who is looking like a rookie version of Jose Reyes, and then there’s Sanchez, who has accomplished a feat that has only been accomplished by 18 other pitchers in history — throwing a no-hitter in his first season. 

He did it against the Diamondbacks, pitching 9 innings, and surrendering 4 walks, while sending 6 Snakes hitters down on strikes.  103 pitches was all Anibal Sanchez needed to record the first no-no since May 18, 2004, and to give the Marlins yet another boost in their improbable run at the NL Wildcard. 

“Unhittable” was one Arizona player’s description of Sanchez’s stuff today, while another said “We were never really that close to getting anything going today”.  Anibal Sanchez was just that good, and it’s a shame there were only 12,256 fans at Dolphin Stadium to see it. 

With today’s incredible outing, Anibal Sanchez improved his record to 7-2, and lowered his ERA to a brilliant 2.89 (better than Josh Johnson’s by the way, but he doesn’t qualify for the ERA title due to limited innings pitched), making him the latest Marlin with a case for the NL Rookie of the Year award. 


And the trivia segment.  The last question, and the correct answer to it is…

Q: Who was the last White Sox player to win the AL MVP award?

A: Frank Thomas.  The Big Hurt won the award in 1993 and 1994

The question for today…

As I mentioned earlier, 18 other pitchers have thrown a no-hitter in their rookie season.  Who was the last one, before Anibal Sanchez, to do it?

The answer will be at the end of my next post.  You can respond to the question by posting a comment. 


One Response to “Marlins Rookie Says “No-No””

  1. Bud Smith for the St. Louis Cardinals against the San Diego Padres in 2001.

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