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Swisher SLAMS 30th Homerun

Nick Swisher’s 30th HR was a towering Slam to rightfield

For the 54th time in Major League history, a switch hitter has hit 30 Homeruns in a season.  With a very awkward ratio of 25HR lefthanded and 5HR righthanded, that slugger is the A’s Nick Swisher. 

In his sophomore season, the 25-year-old Swisher is batting just .247, but he also has an impressive 30HR and 84RBI (including his 30th Slam today).  He already has his name on a list that includes greats like Mickey Mantle, Howard Johnson, Eddie Murray, and Mickey Tettleton; a list of the 20 different switch-hitters before him to hit 30HR in a season.

If the A’s “swisher” can get his “swishing strikeout” numbers down, he has a chance to become one of the best switch-hitters in baseball history.  But for now, together with the Big Hurt, he provides a terrific middle-of-the-order punch for the offensively-strapped Oakland Athletics. 


The trivia segment!

Yesterday’s question and the answer to it are…

Q: When Bud Smith was traded to the Philadelphia Philles in 2002, three other current MLB players were involved in the deal.  Can you name them?

A: Mike Timlin (Red Sox), Placido Polanco (Tigers), and Scott Rolen (Cardinals)

So after his 2001 no-hitter, Bud Smith has receded into the darkness, becoming a low-grade pitcher in the Twins’ minor league system.  He wound up being the most unimportant part of that trade. 

And today’s question is…

As I mentioned in the post, 20 (21 including Swisher) switch-hitters have hit 30 homeruns in one season.  Who was the first one to do it?

The answer will be at the end of my next post.  You can respond by posting a comment to this article. 


One Response to “Swisher SLAMS 30th Homerun”

  1. Sweetness. It seems like Mr. Swisher has found his groove. If the A’s can get some more offence, then they could become a force to contend with in a couple years, assuming they keep him.

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