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Mets are First Guaranteed Playoff Team


MVP candidate Carlos Beltran and the Mets are the first team to clinch a playoff berth

We’ve known for awhile that they are the best team in the National League this season.  They have a ton of punch in the lineup and some solid arms in the rotation and bullpen, which makes them the clear choice for the top NL team.  And now, for the first time in awhile, the Mets have clinched a playoff spot before their cross-town rival Yankees. 

Willie Randolph’s team took advantage of its large lead, failing to clinch over the weekend

Everyone expected Willie Randolph’s Mets to clinch the NL East division this weekend, when they faced one of baseball’s worst teams, the Pittsburgh Pirates.  They didn’t have to, however, since the Mets had a huge cushion on the Phillies in the standings.  And the Mets played casual baseball against the Bucs, which led to an embarrassing sweep at PNC Park. 

Fortunately, the Mets could afford to bide their time, because of the big lead they had built up on their divisional foes earlier this season, so getting swept by the Pirates, though embarrasing, was not a major problem.  The Mets finally took care of business today, beating the Marlins 4-0, behind 6.1 scoreless innings thrown by veteran Steve Trachsel. 

And just like that, one of the eight teams which will take part in baseball’s playoffs this season is now officially in. 


Trivia Time!

Yesterday’s question and answer were…

Q: Which White Sox starting pitcher earned a save in Game 3 of the 2005 World Series?

A: Mark Buehrle

Here’s today’s question…

During the 2004 MLB Playoffs, Carlos Beltran tied an MLB-record with 8 Homeruns during the postseason.  Which current player did he tie?


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  1. Which current player did he tie?


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