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Are You Switching Teams for October?

We are now in mid-September, just two weeks away from the final verdict on which 8 MLB teams will make the 2006 postseason, and which 22 will be watching the playoffs from home.  This is also the time when something called the “Adopt-a-Team”* process begins. 

Let me explain what the “Adopt-a-Team” process entails, and who usually takes part in it. 

Fans of teams who perennially finish well outside the playoff picture, who aren’t “diehard”, are typical participants in the Adopt-a-Team program.  One such team is the Seattle Mariners, about whom Jason A Churchill blogs at <> (he is the writer I got the term “Adopt-a-Team” from).  A devoted fan of the Mariners, Jason Churchill is still switching teams, and he says that his preferences for October will be the Minnesota Twins and the Florida Marlins, provided both of those teams make the playoffs.

Here are the basics on the reasons for switching teams…

  1. Your team isn’t going to make the playoffs and you’re not diehard enough to stay loyal to a dud
  2. You don’t have much to do and find baseball boring unless you’re rooting for a team that’s involved
  3. You secretly like another team aside from your “favorite”
  4. You’ve spent a few seasons watching teams that you aren’t interested in on TV and figured you have to get in on some playoff action despite your favorite team being awful — ok, so that one’s just summing-up the first three…

This season will likely see many fans new to the “Adopt-a-Team” program join in.  Fans like the Fenway Faithful (Red Sox), Tomahawk Choppers (Braves), and Rally Monkey Wavers (Angels) aren’t used to seeing their team miss out on the playoff action, and if they can snap out of their baseball-related October funk quickly, they’ll more than likely jump on the bandwagon of a non-rival team. 

Even I’m not immune to it.  With the Red Sox and Giants (my favorite teams) likely out of postseason contention, my preferences come October will be the A’s, Twins, and Padres (provided all 3 of them reach the playoffs).

Are you switching teams this October?

If so, comment below on why you’re doing it and which team you’re rooting for in the playoffs!   


Trivia Time!

Yesterday’s question and answer…

Q: During the 2004 MLB Playoffs, Carlos Beltran tied an MLB-record with 8 Homeruns during the postseason.  Which current player did he tie?

A: Barry Bonds

Congrats to Marc W for answering correctly. 

Here’s today’s question…

Which of these 4 borderline-playoff teams HASN’T won a World Series since 1980? 

  • Philadelphia Phillies
  • Detroit Tigers
  • Chicago White Sox
  • San Diego Padres

This question had a mistake earlier that caused it to have two correct answers.  It is now fixed. 

***The idea for this article came from


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