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Mets get D-Railed by D-Train

We’ve all seen pitchers throw spectacular performances on the mound, and then use their rising confidence to deliver big hits at the plate.  The amazing show Dontrelle Willis put on today, however, makes all of those look mediocre. 

We’ll start with his solid game on the mound, although D-Train was just as, if not more impressive at the plate.  In a game the Marlins needed to win, to preserve any significant hope of winning the NL Wildcard, Dontrelle Willis pitched 8.1 innings of 7-hit, 3-run, 3-walk, 4-strikeout ball.  D-Train high-kicked and fired his way to a great start, earning his 12th victory of the season, which is an impressive win total, considering his erratic ways in the early part of the year. 

But as I mentioned, his performance on the mound was only a small part of the D-Railment that Dontrelle Willis inflicted upon the Mets today. 

At the plate, Willis made Oliver Perez look just as bad as his 3-12 record, and he also put the works on veteran Roberto Hernandez.  Those are the two pitchers that D-Train hit his 2nd and 3rd Homeruns of the season off of — both of them were solo shots.  Earlier, he also hit an RBI single off of sidewinder Chad Bradford.  That makes for a 3-for-4, 2HR, 3RBI, 2Run day for Dontrelle Willis, just at the plate.  

With the season winding down, the Florida Marlins could not have asked Dontrelle Willis to be any more ace-like than he was today.  If David Letterman was excited about the Mets clinching last night, it’ll be a shame if D-Train doesn’t hear his name on the Late Show tonight. 


Trivia Time!

Here’s yesterday’s question…

Which of these 4 borderline-playoff teams HASN’T won a World Series since 1980? 

  • Philadelphia Phillies
  • Detroit Tigers
  • Chicago White Sox
  • San Diego Padres

And here’s the answer…

San Diego Padres

Here’s today’s question…

Which team traded Dontrelle Willis to the Marlins on March 27, 2002?

and if you’re looking for an extra challenge…

Which team are the other 2 current major leaguers involved in that deal currently playing for?

If you can answer the 2nd question correctly, you win…well, nothing…but you’ll know your baseball knowledge is amazing. 


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