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James Loney was as good as it gets today

We’ll start by discussing the first-class slugfest before diving into the details, specifically James Loney’s career day.  A whopping 30 runs were scored by the Dodgers and Rockies, and the teams combined for 33 hits, making Coors Field look like the big-time hitters’ park it’s famous for being.  The word slugfest simply does not do this game’s offensive production justice, so, for lack of a better term, I’m dubbing it a ultra-mega-super-duper-slugfest — I’m 99% sure that term doesn’t exist either. 

On the Rockies side, Matt Holliday started off the action with a 3-run blast in the first inning of Dodgers’ starter Brad Penny.  The Rockies would not score again until the 4th innings, but boy did they bring it in the 4th.  Rookie Chad Billingsley pitched well in the 2nd and 3rd innings, but 6 of the 7 runs scored by the Rox in the 4th were charged to him, and he allowed 8 hits and 3 walks in just 2.2 innings of work.  Joe Beimel wouldn’t get the job done, as he came in and put two runners on base (1 hit and 1 walk), was charged with a run, and wasn’t able to get the final out of the 4th.  Aaron Sele finally put an end to the Rockies’ barrage.  After the 4th, the Dodgers’ bullpen held up, allowing just 1 unearned run in the 6th inning (Error by Jeff Kent).  Mark Hendrickson picked-up the win for LA, improving (slightly) his record to an unbelievably dismal 6-15. 

On the Dodgers side, there were plenty of stand-out performances.  Of those, the offensive spectacle put up by James Loney is by far the most impressive.  James Loney went 4-for-5 with 2 Homeruns (one of them a Grand Slam), a double, and a single, scored 2 runs, and 9, yes NINE RBIs.  The rookie first-baseman who wouldn’t have even been in the lineup had Nomar Garciaparra not been hampered by an injury accounted for almost half of the Dodgers’ 19-run explosion.  You can’t ask for better production from any hitter, but a rookie batting 8th in the lineup — simply unbelievable. 

It was only fitting that James Loney caught the ball for the final out of the 3hr 37minute pitchers’ nightmare, on a pop-up by Rockies’ shortstop Troy Tulowitski. 



Yesterday’s Question was…

One player has played for both the Astros and the Cardinals this season.  Can you name him? 

The correct answer…

Preston Wilson.  The outfielder started the year with Houston, but was released after a multi-month-long slump at the plate. 

Today’s question is…

The Dodgers last won the World Series in 1988.  Who was the MVP of that Series?


One Response to “All A-Loney”

  1. Loney was absolutely unbelievable today.

    As for the trivia question, I believe it was Orel Herschiser.

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