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Who’s Wearing the Gold Gloves?

This is the third-to-last post in the Baseballistic awards series.

Who is taking one of these home?

Predicting winners for the Gold Glove awards is not simple, because for almost every position, there are quite a few candidates deserving of consideration. It would also be extremely lengthy and tedious to go through each player with a description, especially since those descriptions would all be similar. So, with that in mind, I’m just going to list who I think should win the award in each league for each position.


Catcher — Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez (Tigers)
First Baseman — Mark Teixeira (Rangers)
Second Baseman — Mark Loretta (Red Sox)

Third Baseman — Mike Lowell (Red Sox)

Shortstop — Derek Jeter (Yankees)

Outfielder 1 — Grady Sizemore (Indians)

Outfielder 2 — Ichiro Suzuki (Mariners)

Outfielder 3 — Vernon Wells (Blue Jays)

Pitcher — Kenny Rogers (Tigers)


Catcher — Yadier Molina (Cardinals)

First Baseman — Albert Pujols (Cardinals)

Second Baseman — Orlando Hudson (Diamondbacks)

Third Baseman — David Wright (Mets)

Shortstop — Omar Vizquel (Giants)

Outfielder 1 — Andruw Jones (Braves)

Outfielder 2 — Carlos Beltran (Mets)

Outfielder 3 — Juan Pierre (Cubs)

Pitcher — Greg Maddux (Dodgers and Cubs)

Those are my feelings on who the Gold Glove awards should go to, and they are not, in some cases, the players that I think will receive the GG’s when they are awarded after the season. In each case, I’ve picked the best defensive player at their position, in their league, to win the award, based on my opinions on their play in the field.

The next part of my awards series will come tomorrow: Manager of the Year

Later: Silver Slugger award



Here’s the answer to yesterday’s question…

Jason Grimsley played for quite a few teams during his career. Which of the following 4 teams was NOT one of them?

  • Philadelphia Phillies
  • Cleveland Indians
  • Colorado Rockies
  • Baltimore Orioles

A: Colorado Rockies

Today’s question is…

If Greg Maddux wins another Gold Glove this season, it will the 16th of his career; a remarkable one, both in the way that he has pitched, and in the way that he has fielded the #1 position. A 16th award would tie Maddux with two former MLB greats. Can you name one or both of them?

Hint: One is a third-baseman, the other is a pitcher


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