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“Awesome” Rogers Puts Yankees on Brink of Elimination

There’s plenty I can say about today’s ALDS Game 3 between the Detroit Tigers and New York Yankees — I choose however, to talk about only one player.

Kenny Rogers might have had the best outing of his career at age 41

7.2 innings = “K” dollars

5 hits and 2 walks allowed = “E” dollars

0 runs allowed = “N” dollars

0 earned runs allowed = “N” dollars

8 strikeouts = “Y” dollars

112 brilliant pitches to earn your first playoff victory = PRICELESS

The Kenny Rogers card, the official credit card of the Detroit Tigers.  Accepted anywhere the Gambler goes.

–I apologize to the good people at MasterCard for violating all kinds of Copyright.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

If you told me the guy who did the above today was 41-years-old, 0-3 with an 8.85ERA in 9 career playoff outings, and was facing the Yankees (who have 4 players with at least a .300 average against him), I would have told you to check yourself into the nearest mental institution on a “do not pass GO or collect $200” route. I also would have raided your home to see what you were smoking so I could have some of it. Finally, I might’ve considered seeing a darn good otologist to make sure I heard you correctly. That’s how unbelieveable Kenny Rogers’ performance in Game 3 was.

Kenny Rogers is known as the Gambler … he took no gambles today

Here’s what several Yankees’ players had to say about Kenny Rogers’ brilliant Game 3 outing…

“He was awesome. That’s not the Kenny I remember, I never remember him throwing 93 miles an hour.” — Alex Rodriguez

“The bottom line is, it doesn’t matter how good we pitch if we don’t score. We couldn’t score against Rogers today.” — Derek Jeter

Some Yankees were so frustrated they forgot to give credit to Kenny Rogers, thinking only of their loss…

“When you look at that scoreboard and you see no runs, you’re just shaking your head. It stinks.” — Johnny Damon. You know Damon wanted to give credit to Rogers, he’s just too enveloped in thinking about the possibility of being eliminated on Saturday or Sunday.

Kenny Rogers has never really been a fan-favorite, primarily because of his anger, which peaked during the cameraman incident in Texas last season. As long as Kenny vents his anger at the opposing hitters, he’ll become a fan-favorite in Detroit quicker than his 93-mph fastball reaches the plate.

By the way, Kenny had some words after the game as well…

“I wanted this win for us as a team, but I wanted it for myself, my family, everything. I wanted to do well and leave nothing out there. This is probably one of the wins that I’m never going to forget, for sure.”

You earned what you wanted Kenny, and none of us are going to forget it.


2 Responses to ““Awesome” Rogers Puts Yankees on Brink of Elimination”

  1. As a Tigers fan, I’ve watched Kenny lead this young staff all season, with the exception of one rough stretch. Last night was the best I had ever seen Kenny Rogers pitch. To limit the Yankees is one thing, but to shut them out over that many innings is nothing short of spectacular

  2. I agree, completely. He’s been a father figure to the young Tigers pitching staff and he sure showed the kids how to pitch in the playoffs last night.

    A side note…the Detroit rotation will be extremely intriguing when Andrew Miller is ready…

    1. Verlander
    2. Bonderman
    3. Robertson
    4. Miller
    5. Rogers — depending on how many more years he pitches — I think if the Tigers win it all, Kenny might call it a career.

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