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Glavine Goes Cardinal Hunting in Game 1

Game 1 of the NLCS between the St. Louis Cardinals and the New York Mets belonged to the pitchers. In games like this, it’s important to take advantage of every chance you get. The Mets got the message, while the Cardinals were taught baseball’s most elementary lesson, you can’t win if you don’t score.

Tom Glavine brought back images of the 1990’s in Game 1

Tom Glavine took the mound for the Mets in Game 1 of the NLCS and he was nothing short of spectacular. Glavine dominated the Cardinals hitters for 7 shutout innings allowing 4 hits and 2 walks. The 40-year-old Glavine also scattered his hits, never allowing a runner past 2nd base, and inducing 2 double-plays to get out of the only jams he faced. The veteran southpaw was as brilliant as ever on Thursday night, leading the Mets to a Game 1 victory.

Jeff Weaver pitched as well as the Cardinals could have hoped

When the Cardinals signed Jeff Weaver mid-year, everyone thought GM Walt Jocketty had made a mistake. Weaver was struggling in the truest sense of the word, while his brother Jered was throwing together a spectacular rookie campaign. Nevertheless, Jocketty gambled with Weaver, and he nearly won tonight. Weaver threw 5.2 innings of rock-solid ball, allowing 2 runs on 4 hits and 2 walks, while striking-out 1. If you consider that both Mets’ runs scored on a Carlos Beltran homerun in the 6th, Weaver’s outing becomes even more impressive. Weaver took the loss in the game, but with some help from the bats, he could have easily earned a victory.

Carlos Beltran accounted for all the run-scoring in Game 1

Carlos Beltran has flashed magical ability in the playoffs numerous times — most notably his power. Without Beltran, it’s hard to figure that anyone would have scored in this ballgame. The Mets’ centerfielder and MVP candidate came up with 1 on and 2 away in the bottom of the 6th inning. With the count at 2-and-2, Beltran absolutely destroyed a ball that landed well past the 378ft mark in Shea Stadium’s rightfield. The blast put New York ahead 2-0, a lead that the Metropolitans would not surrender.

Billy Wagner put Game 1 on ice for the Mets

One of this season’s let-downs for the Mets has been occasional ineffectivenss from the bullpen. Southpaw closer Billy Wagner has been extremely reliable all season however, and he was very efficient in finishing off the Cardinals to give the Mets a 1-0 series lead. Wagner threw 15 pitches in the top of the 9th, allowing the Cardinals a 2-out walk, but ending the game by inducing Scott Spiezio to pop-out to 2nd base. Guillermo Mota set-up Wagner’s 9th with a scoreless 8th inning of his own, and neither of them allowed a St. Louis runner to reach 2nd base. Coupled with Glavine’s terrific start, the Mets pitching was amazing tonight.

Albert Pujols and the Cards’ bats weren’t able to get anything going

The Cardinals bullpen also threw 2.1 innings of scoreless ball, but it was a futile effort. Beltran’s homerun would be the only scoring play in the game, and the Cardinals were on the wrong end of it. St. Louis’ offense was only able to generate 4 hits in the game, a dismal effort considering that all of those hits were singles, and that one of them (25% of the offense) came off the bat of pitcher Jeff Weaver. The 3-4-5 hitters (Pujols-Encarnacion-Rolen) combined to go 0-for-10 with 2 walks and a strikeout — that kind of production (or lack thereof) from the middle of your lineup is a recipe for disaster…or a sign that the opponent’s pitching was unhittable. The latter was the case in Game 1, and the game-ball belongs to Tom Glavine.

Final Score: Mets 2 Cardinals 0

Pitchers of Record:

W: Tom Glavine

L: Jeff Weaver

S: Billy Wagner

Player of the Game: Tom Glavine


Trivia Time!

After a day off yesterday to mourn the death of Yankees’ pitcher Cory Lidle, here’s the answer for Tuesday’s question…

Q: The Tigers last won the World Series in 1984, when manager Sparky Anderson became the first skipper to win a World Series while managing a team from both the AL and NL. With which team did NL team did Anderson win a World Series, and what year did he do it?

A: Sparky Anderson managed the Cincinnati Reds to World Series championships in 1975 and 1976, over the Red Sox and Yankees, respectively.

Today’s question is…

In high school, Tom Glavine played baseball and another sport. He was drafted by the Braves in the MLB draft and by another team in the draft for his second sport. What was Glavine’s other sport?

For an extra challenge: Which team drafted him?


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