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Baseball Has Its Champion: CARDINALS


The 2006 MLB season is officially over folks, and a team that few thought would come out the Champion has proved most of us wrong. The St. Louis Cardinals pulled off what many consider a terrific upset over the Detroit Tigers, showing that perhaps the National League can compete with the supposedly superior American League.

And the Cardinals didn’t just defeat the Tigers, they destroyed them. Jim Leyland’s team couldn’t hit for most of the series and played the field badly enough that you wouldn’t even show their tape to 5-year-olds to demonstrate how to play defense in baseball. Five errors were committed by the Tigers pitchers, a World Series record, and the majority of those errors came back to haunt Detroit. The Cardinals on the other hand played terrific baseball. The Redbirds hit well, pitched brilliantly, and played near-flawless defense. They fully deserved this World Series victory.


I predicted that the Tigers would sweep the Cardinals in the World Series. I could not have been more wrong. Part of the blame for my horrendous miscalculation rests with the Tigers, for playing well under their par for this season. The rest of it lies with my amazingly obvious underestimation of Tony La Russa’s Cardinals, who played like 120-game winners, far from the 83-78 team that they were (STL did not make up a meaningless rainout against the Giants so they only played 161 games). The only game the Cardinals surrendered to Detroit was Game 2, and that game is under scrutiny, because the Tigers had Kenny Rogers on the mound and the Gambler was donning a mysterious, yellowish patch on his left, pitching hand. It was a terrific performance by a team that many analysts dubbed “the worst World Series team in history” before the beginning of the Fall Classic. I was wrong in saying the Tigers would dominate, but those that said the Cardinals of 2006 were the “worst WS team in history” deserve to be canned.

He might be 5’7″ but David Eckstein played like a giant during the WS

One Cardinal stood out during this World Series, playing spectacular defense and coming through whenever he was needed offensively. I’m writing this before the MVP of the WS is announced, and in my opinion, the honor should go to shortstop David Eckstein. Eckstein really was the “little engine that could” in this World Series and the Cardinals owe a huge part of their victory to their leadoff hitter. If you’re a statistics lover, Eckstein hit .364 in the World Series with 0HR and 3RBIs along with 4 runs scored. The stat line doesn’t begin to describe however, the tremendous effect that David Eckstein had on the Cardinals victory.

This was the first Cardinals World Series title in 24 years. Congrats to Tony La Russa and St. Louis for pulling off an amazing win in the Fall Classic.


With the end of the season, baseball shifts quickly into the Fall-Winter offseason with important events such as free agency, trades, and the Winter Meetings on the agenda for the next several months. Here’s the plan for Baseballistic over the next few months…

1. An in-depth report on a free-agent every day. I’ll do one free agent a day for the duration of the offseason, or until the list of free agents runs out…which shouldn’t happen.

2. A report on the day’s news and/or the trades/signings/moves that each team made. This will be at the end of my “Free Agent report” for the day.

3. Any random thoughts that pop into my mind will be at the end of each post

4. And of course, the trivia segment lives on!


One Response to “Baseball Has Its Champion: CARDINALS”

  1. omg the stlcardinals are the best team ever.. my favorite players are chris carpenter, jim edmonds, and david eckstein, and juan encarnasion!!!they are the bestest!!!

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