All Things Baseball

A Baseballistic Offseason

The 2006 MLB season is officially over with the St. Louis Cardinals defeating the Detroit Tigers in the World Series.  That marks the start of the offseason, which in many ways is actually more interesting and addicting than the season itself.  With tons of free agents, plenty of trades, the Winter Meetings, and arbitration looming, this (like all others) is sure to be a fun and exciting offseason. 

Since there won’t be any more games played, the focus of Baseballistic is shifting.  During the offseason, most of my posts will be profiles and in-depth looks at free agents, of which I will do one every day.  I will also report the day’s news at the end of each of my posts, including trades and signings that occurred on that day.  Should any random thoughts pop into my head during the offseason, I’ll blog about those as well. 

Keep an eye on my blog everyday to see my views on this year’s free agent class and the transactions each team makes over the next couple of months!


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