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Free Agent Profile: Eddie Guardado

Eddie Guardado

Eddie Guardado’s 2006 was a tale of three seasons.  He started it with Seattle and suffered miserably until the Mariners decided to deal him to Cincinnati.  After joining the Reds, Everyday Eddie was dominant, and started to look like the terrific closer he’d been with the Twins a few years ago.  However, an injury derailed his comeback effort, and Guardado missed the final 2 months of the season.  That same injury also required reconstructive surgery on Guardado’s throwing elbow and the comeback trail is long; Everyday Eddie will miss all of the 2007 season.  This puts a negative spin on Guardado’s value to be sure, but the lack of bullpen talent in this free agent class means he’ll still have some value, and could be signed by a team that thinks it will need a closer/late-inning reliever in the future.  The one question that still remains is: can Eddie Guardado recover from this serious ailment and return to his prior form?  That’ll be a riddle any team looking to sign Everyday Eddie will have to solved to properly assess his value. 

Here are Guardado’s statistics for 2006…

  • Record: 1-3
  • ERA: 3.89
  • WHIP: 1.54 — that’s not what you want to see from a closer
  • Saves: 13
  • BA Against: .297 — YUCK
  • Games: 43 (0 starts)
  • Innings Pitched: 37.0
  • Hits: 44
  • Runs: 19 (16 earned)
  • Walks: 13
  • Strikeouts: 39
  • Homeruns allowed: 10

Those numbers are far from great, but watch this split…(ERA/WHIP/BAA)…

  • With Seattle: 5.48/1.74/.309 — he kept Manager Mike Hargrove sleepless…
  • With Cincy: 1.29/1.21/.278 — …but kept Jerry Narron smiling

Perhaps all Eddie Guardado needed was a change of scenery.  Unfortunately, that question combined with the severity of his elbow injury will make most GM’s skeptical about signing Everyday Eddie this offseason.  He’s a proven closer who never really got into a groove (or never had a chance to), but with the injury and recent inconsistency casting a shadow over Guardado’s earlier success, it’s unlikely he’ll get tons of interest this offseason. 

Will anyone take a chance on Eddie Guardado?

I think there will be a few teams that will find Everyday Eddie’s experience and prior success too hard to ignore, even considering the injury and his lack of effectiveness this season.  The Giants are one of those teams, and I think GM Brian Sabean will take a chance on Guardado because San Francisco seems to have an annual lefty-deficiency in its bullpen.  Veteran experience is also something Sabean covets, so I think Guardado, if he chooses to keep playing, will call San Francisco home come 2008. 

Eddie Guardado will miss the 2007 season to recover from reconstructive elbow surgery. 

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Today’s Moves…

Alfonso Soriano agreed to a blockbuster 8year 136Million deal with the Chicago Cubs. 

Nomar Garciaparra agreed to a 2year 18.5Million contract to stay with the LA Dodgers.

Alex Gonzalez joined the Reds, signing a 3year 14Million deal. 

Mike Stanton signed a 2year 5Million deal to join the Reds, that also includes an option for 2009

Moises Alou is now a New York Met, after signing a 1year 8.5Million deal with a option for 2008. 

Mike Mussina will stay with the Yankees, agreeing to a 2year 23Million extension.

The Reds traded catcher Jason LaRue to the Royals for a PTBN (minor leaguer). 

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Trivia Time!

The previous question was…

When Ray Durham left the White Sox for the A’s in 2002, he was the White Sox all-time leader in which of these categories?

  • Stolen Bases
  • Leadoff Homeruns
  • Extra-Base Hits
  • Doubles

The correct answer…

Lead-off Homeruns. 

Today’s question is…

In 2002, Eddie Guardado saved 45 games for the Twins, breaking a franchise record set by which former Minnesota closer?


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