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Street Problems In Oakland and Everyday Trouble in Cincy

August 20, 2006

Just as the Oakland Athletics and Cincinnati Reds began working toward solidifying their playoff spots — the AL West title for Oakland and the NL Wildcard for Cincinnati — they were both dealt a major blow.  During the early part of the season, Oakland and Cincinnati both had bullpen issues.  For Oakland, the issue was […]

Cardinals Seeing Red

August 14, 2006

     OR     At the beginning of this season, the St. Louis Cardinals were virtually everyone’s choice to win the NL Central division, and to be one of the National League’s best teams.  And that prediction was working out fine through most of the first half of this season, although the Cincinnati Reds were playing way […]

Adam Slams it and the Game is DUNN!

June 30, 2006

Adam Dunn is a special kind of hitter; the ball doesn’t hit his bat very often, but when it does, that ball is in for a long, long ride.  The first thing that strikes you about Dunn is his 6-foot-6, 275 pound frame.  He’s the biggest player the MLB has seen since Cecil Fielder and […]

Cardinals in Deep Trouble After Pujols Injury

June 4, 2006

The St. Louis Cardinals entered the 2006 season as the best team in the National League; a title they have held for three consecutive seasons. Things were looking up for the Cardinals, with Albert Pujols on a record-breaking homerun pace, and good contributions from newcomers Aaron Miles and Juan Encarnacion. The starting pitching was solid […]