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A Giant Decision Still to be Made

December 4, 2006

The San Francisco Giants were busy this past weekend, very busy. In the past 72 hours, the Giants re-signed veterans Ray Durham and Pedro Feliz, filling openings at 2nd-base and 3rd-base in their infield — openings that had just been vacated by those same players. GM Brian Sabean also added speedy centerfielder Dave Roberts to […]

Deal or No Deal?

November 29, 2006

This offseason has been unique in the riduculous amount of money being thrown around by teams, and in the horrible decision-making by baseball’s GMs.  Much of this has been caused by the awfully shallow free agent class of 2006, requiring teams to overspend in order to fill their holes, because of the huge advantage players […]

Frank Catalanotto a Steal for Rangers

November 26, 2006

Frank Catalanotto – In an offseason full of insane overspending and horrible decision-making, one team appears to have sniffed-out a bargain. The market for solid, but cost-effective outfielders was thin this offseason, and teams that were in need of such a player decided to pull the trigger on expensive contracts early. The Dodgers signed Juan […]

Offseason of Overpayment — The Worst Contracts Thus Far

November 25, 2006

In any situation where there’s plenty of demand but little inventory, the cost of getting what you need will be sky-high.  The 2006-07 MLB offseason has been and will continue to be no different.  This free agent class is very thin in many positions and has offers almost no premium talent.  If you want great players, prepare to spend big-time, and […]

Free Agent Profile: Barry Bonds

October 28, 2006

Barry Bonds I had to start my Free Agency profiles somewhere, so I figured, why not start with one of the most controversial players in baseball right now? Here’s the first of my in-depth looks at this season’s free agents… BARRY BONDS — Outfielder We all know Barry Bonds and we all have some sort […]