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Baseball Has Its Champion: CARDINALS

October 27, 2006

YOUR 2006 MLB CHAMPIONS: THE ST. LOUIS CARDINALS The 2006 MLB season is officially over folks, and a team that few thought would come out the Champion has proved most of us wrong. The St. Louis Cardinals pulled off what many consider a terrific upset over the Detroit Tigers, showing that perhaps the National League […]

Baseball World Shocked By Death of Cory Lidle

October 11, 2006

This is a sad day for the Major League Baseball world and even a thrilling playoff game couldn’t change that.  Anything on the field takes a back-seat today, as baseball fans everywhere mourn the tragic death of Yankees’ pitcher Cory Lidle.  Cory Lidle (1972-2006) Cory Lidle’s MLB career spanned 9 seasons, during which he pitched […]

This Weekend’s Baseballistic Discoveries

October 1, 2006

This was an exciting weekend for any baseball fan, both on and off the field.  On the field, some playoff races were being decided in the final moments, including one that had a very surprising, and perhaps ironic conclusion.  Off the field, more details were released about the Jason Grimsley scandal, one that is quickly […]

Bruce Froemming Makes Umpiring History

August 19, 2006

To a regular baseball fan, an umpire is a guy who stands behind one of the bases making calls that you sometimes don’t agree with. Umpires are also there to produce entertaining shouting matches with managers, and to produce loud boos or cheers when they give players or managers “the hook” (eject them). Still, any […]

Get Well Peter Gammons

June 28, 2006

Peter Gammons, one of the best baseball analysts of our time certainly, and possibly the best in history, suffered a brain aneurysm and went through several hours of emergency surgery on Tuesday.  He was airlifted to Brigham and Women’s Hospital suffering from symptoms of a stroke, but was diagnosed with an aneurysm, and surgeons believe […]