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Pedro Martinez Will Return … Mets Still Need Starting Pitching

November 30, 2006

Pedro Martinez Put aside all the speculation about Pedro Martinez’s great career being over.  Although Martinez is recovering from an invasive surgery on this throwing shoulder, he promises to come back and pitch for the Mets midway through the 2007 season.  This is great news for the New York Mets, who, if Martinez had decided […]

Deal or No Deal?

November 29, 2006

This offseason has been unique in the riduculous amount of money being thrown around by teams, and in the horrible decision-making by baseball’s GMs.  Much of this has been caused by the awfully shallow free agent class of 2006, requiring teams to overspend in order to fill their holes, because of the huge advantage players […]

Orioles Bolster Bullpen With Early Moves

November 27, 2006

With the Hot Stove season now in full swing, teams are dishing out big bucks for top-quality free agents.  Every team has holes at least a few holes to fill this offseason, and there aren’t very many quality players on the market.  That’s why one team, the Baltimore Orioles, decided to quickly determine who its […]

Frank Catalanotto a Steal for Rangers

November 26, 2006

Frank Catalanotto – In an offseason full of insane overspending and horrible decision-making, one team appears to have sniffed-out a bargain. The market for solid, but cost-effective outfielders was thin this offseason, and teams that were in need of such a player decided to pull the trigger on expensive contracts early. The Dodgers signed Juan […]

Offseason of Overpayment — The Worst Contracts Thus Far

November 25, 2006

In any situation where there’s plenty of demand but little inventory, the cost of getting what you need will be sky-high.  The 2006-07 MLB offseason has been and will continue to be no different.  This free agent class is very thin in many positions and has offers almost no premium talent.  If you want great players, prepare to spend big-time, and […]

Free Agent Profile: Jose Guillen

November 24, 2006

Jose Guillen After a solid 2005 campaign, the Washington Nationals had high expectations for outfielder Jose Guillen.  He didn’t come close to fulfilling any of them.  Guillen’s 2006 season was ravaged by injuries and horrible slumps at the plate, and neither of those helps his case as a free agent.  What might help Guillen is […]

Free Agent Profile: Ted Lilly

November 22, 2006

Ted Lilly This free agent class is thin on everything, and starting pitching is no exception. You have the premium arms, like Jason Schmidt, Barry Zito, and Daisuke Matsuzaka, and then you have the second-tier veterans such as Gil Meche, and the subject of this profile, Ted Lilly. Lilly has a few things going for […]

Free Agent Profile: Rich Aurilia

November 21, 2006

Rich Aurilia Rich Aurilia is a veteran who knows how to play baseball the right way.  He can play any of the 4 infield positions, get the job done at the plate, and have a terrific effect on the clubhouse atmosphere.  In other words, he could be one of the great bargains of this offseason, […]

Free Agent Profile: Eddie Guardado

November 20, 2006

Eddie Guardado Eddie Guardado’s 2006 was a tale of three seasons.  He started it with Seattle and suffered miserably until the Mariners decided to deal him to Cincinnati.  After joining the Reds, Everyday Eddie was dominant, and started to look like the terrific closer he’d been with the Twins a few years ago.  However, an injury […]

Free Agent Profile: Ray Durham

November 18, 2006

Ray Durham I asked 5 people to name the 2nd-baseman who hit 26HR, slugged .538, hit .341 against lefties, and hit .331 with RISP.  They all answered either Chase Utley, Robinson Cano, or Bill Hall.  Unfortunately, none of them were right.  I was looking for Ray Durham, but I wasn’t too surprised that not one […]