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Manager of the Year is a Manager No More

November 15, 2006

Joe Girardi Major League Baseball recently announced the winners of the Manager of the Year award. The AL honor (unsurprisingly) went to Tigers’ skipper Jim Leyland. The NL award was given to Joe Girardi, for bringing the supposedly hopeless Marlins close to a playoff berth. One of the great ironies of baseball this year is […]

Gold Glove Voting is Rigged

November 4, 2006

Major League Baseball announced in the past few days, the winners of the Gold Glove awards for the 2006 season. There were many shoo-ins and obvious choices, such as Greg Maddux and Kenny Rogers for pitcher; there were however, many more debateable choices made by the voters, including a couple that I felt were downright […]

New Labor Agreement Keeps Baseball Safe Till 2011

October 26, 2006

Any baseball fan should be overjoyed right now, even if they are rooting for the Tigers in this World Series or are diehard Cubs fan just waiting for a title.  That’s because we know baseball will be safe until 2011 due to the signing of a 5-year labor agreement by Commissioner Bud Selig and the Players Association.  Bud Selig is […]

Did Kenny Rogers Cheat?

October 23, 2006

A day after Kenny Rogers threw perhaps the best playoff outing by a Tigers’ starting pitcher in team history, questions are pouring in about a mysterious light-brown/yellowish patch that was observed on the base of Rogers’ left (pitching) thumb.  FOX Baseball cameras picked up the patch of “dirt” on a zoom-in shot of Rogers heading […]

Managers Wanted

October 20, 2006

Finally, a day off between the League Championship Series and the World Series, which starts tomorrow. I thought that since playoff baseball is on a one-day hiatus, I’d go off that topic and discuss the abundance of managerial openings throughout the league. From toothpick testers to guys with communication trouble to veteran managers looking for […]

Five Reasons Why the Tigers Will Win the World Series

October 16, 2006

Two weeks from now Tigers fans will be celebrating As the 2006 MLB season enters its final weeks, one thing has become apparent to me.  The Detroit Tigers are far and away baseball’s best team this season, and they’re much better than their potential World Series opponents, the New York Mets and St. Louis Cardinals.  The […]

Yankees Problems Aren’t Torre-Ential — They Start Upstairs

October 9, 2006

The Yankees have once again made an early exit from the MLB postseason, and there’s no person in the basebal world that is more frustrated right now than George Steinbrenner. The Boss is spending millions of dollars on the Yankees each year, and his promises and guarantees of a World Series title have been foiled […]

This Weekend’s Baseballistic Discoveries

October 1, 2006

This was an exciting weekend for any baseball fan, both on and off the field.  On the field, some playoff races were being decided in the final moments, including one that had a very surprising, and perhaps ironic conclusion.  Off the field, more details were released about the Jason Grimsley scandal, one that is quickly […]

MLB’s Most Underrated

September 25, 2006

This week I’m writing about my predictions for the MLB’s highest honors — Cy Young, MVP, Rookie of the Year, etc… — but I’m also writing about the “unofficial” awards, that are sometimes even more meaningful.  This article is devoted to the players who have excelled at their positions but haven’t gotten the credit they’re […]

Frustrated O’s Fans Want New Front Office

September 24, 2006

Unhappy Orioles’ fans want Peter Angelos gone With just a week remaining in the 2006 MLB regular season, the American League East standings all are but clear.  We know that the Yankees will win the division — they’ve already clinched it.  The 2nd/3rd place battle is currently being fought between the Red Sox and the […]